Primordial Percussion

Drum circles and djembe drumming for health and entertainment

Drum circles for healthy living and interactive entertainment. 
Djembe drums, djembe drumming, percussion instrument website. 



Djembe Drums.

Canadian, African and Indonesian made djembes.

We carry a large selection of quality made djembe drums for beginners and seasoned professionals.

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Ashiko Drums.

Canadian made ashiko drums.

A premium line of Ashiko drums made right here in Canada.  Solid one piece shells with super tough elkhide skins.

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Hoop or frame drums.

Canadian made hoop drums.

A premium line of frame drums made from solid one piece shells and elkhide skins.


Misc. Drums


A fine selection of hard to come by items.

Djun-djun's, talking drums, gathering drums and more

Drumming Assessories.


A large selection of products to keep you in the beat. Drum stands, straps, bags, covers and tuning bars.

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A premium line of specialty percussion products to spice up your sounds. 

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A premium line of rainsticks. 



Indonesian made digeridoos.

We carry a large selection of quality made digeridoos.